Image Resizer Removed From App Store

Image Resizer


During testing of Image Resizer on Yosemite I noticed an issue with the app not detecting retina displays.  This problem causes the retina images to be created at the wrong dimensions.

Due to this problem I have decided to remove Image Resizer from the Mac App Store until the new version is ready for release.

If you notice this problem yourself a temporary fix is to find Image in your Applications folder, right click the file then click on “Get Info”.  Under the General section put a tick next to “Open in Low Resolution”.

I am already working on a new version which adds new features and will include this bug fix.  The new version should be ready for release end of November 2014.

Cleaner Removed From App Store



Due to some users reporting crashes on Lion, I have decided to remove Cleaner from the Mac App Store.

I will be rewriting Cleaner from the ground up but the new version will not support early versions of OS X.

The new version of Cleaner should be ready for beta testing December 2014.
If you would like to help test the new version please contact us via the contact form.